How to Set Up Ameba Pigg

As introduced in the last blog, this post is about the “Ameba Pigg” game that is built inside the Ameba Blog website where you can create your own little figure and chat around with random Japanese people. (Oh!  You need to know how to type Japanese first!)

Game Setup

First, go to the Ameba Blog website and register an account. It is totally free and I don’t think you need Japanese address or phone number to register, just an email is fine.


After you’ve done the registration, it will take you to the homepage.


Since I already have my Ameba Pigg set up(I haven’t touched it for more than 4 years tho), the game is shown on the left side bar. (First time users can set up the game by clicking the  “P” icon where it says ピグ on the top bar)


And your game begins!

Within the Game

At first there will be nothing in your room but you can decorate the space with some given furniture. However if you would like to have more fancy ones, you will have to collect this thing called “Ame”(アメ) from others or buy coins online.


On the bottom left corner you will see a bar like this:


The circular icons are the expressions your figure can do(e.g. bow, laugh, cry…) which are usually used during conversation, and the white column is the space where you can type in words of things that you want to say(that’s where you type your chat).


The bar on the bottom right corner include icons such as “Shopping”, “Changing cloth”, “Heading out”…,etc.


In order to chat with other people, simply click the door icon (おでかけ)and it will give you numerous areas where you can meet people.


After you choose the area you want to go, it will take you to the spot and you will meet people all over from Japan who are currently in the room.


start chatting!

It can be overwhelming sometime if the area has a lot of people(there are also smaller rooms that only host few people) , but it is definitely a good practice on typing as well as learning how to carry out a conversation in Japanese! Even by just watching other people’s chat, you can learn something from it!


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